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22/04/2024: Altezza’s range update: frozen fruits.


21/03/2024: Altezza shares its knowledge: parboiled rice.

product information: parboiled rice

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All the Bon’ things & more

After years of connecting with our suppliers and distributors all over the world, we decided to develop our own  private label products together with our trusted suppliers. 

– This marked the launch of the Bon’ label and other private label products.  Find out more!



We have a vast network of trusted suppliers. We know their products inside out in both quality and price, allowing us to target our offers to specific geographical and customer sectors. Our market knowledge enables us to match the best offer to our customers’ needs. Thanks to our purchasing volumes, our customers benefit from preferential rates and access to a wider range of products.


We also represent our suppliers’ brands for export. These brands are chosen on the basis of quality criteria, and the products we distribute have all proved their excellence with end consumers. At the same time, we help our customers to establish these brands in their markets, guaranteeing them exclusivity and supporting them in the development of these products.


We organize shipments from many ports in Europe and beyond. We optimize your shipments by grouping as many references as possible into a single container. With our partners, we can handle the reception and shipment of your goods, giving you the benefit of our special rates. When we process your orders, you can rest assured that our containers are optimized for weight and volume.



Founded in 1986, Altezza specializes in exporting and distributing food and non-food products, equipment and consumables to catering and food service outlets, food processors, supermarkets, central purchasing agencies, and more.

For many years, our export business has focused on a wide range of food products (including beverages, spirits, detergents, etc.).
We select products from the sea and land through our carefully vetted channels. Each item corresponds to the information on the product label. Our specialists search the world over and select innovative products, enabling them to open up new markets and increase sales.

Altezza is well established and recognized in the export sector, and is constantly developing a first-class network in the Indian Ocean and Caribbean zones.


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